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"As WES evolves into our third legacy chapter and the progression of our services, our commitment to upholding the timeless pillars of quality, precision and expertise that has defined us for over half a century remains the same."
 – Taylor R. Sass, President & CEO


For over half a century, Weisser Engineering & Surveying (WES) has provided comprehensive and multi-disciplined professional services for the Development, Energy, Industrial, and Infrastructure sectors. WES leads the technology curve with extensive continuing education, empowering our team to deliver innovative and proven solutions for our diverse clientele. With an established track record for consistent quality, efficiency, and professionalism, the WES Team supports our clients with an unwavering commitment to advocate for their interests throughout the inception, development, and completion phases.

WES is designated as an Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).


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The Weisser Difference


  • Dedicated Team

    The WES Team is the heart of our organization. With personal leadership, decades of loyal team members, and a new generation of pioneering minds, WES offers a unique customer experience that cannot be compared.

  • 55+ Year Track Record

    Our track record allows WES to provide our clients with not only the knowledge of “Best Practices”, but how best to apply new innovation to their respective industries.

  • Exceptional Quality of Work

    WES’ success is not only developed by considering the big picture in every project, but it’s also in supervising the details. We sign and seal our products with both accuracy and attention to detail.

  • Diversity Among Industry Sectors

    Because a significant portion of our practice is focused on delivering professional services to local, regional, state, federal, and international governmental agencies, our private industry clientele will benefit from our synergistic relationships with these organizations.



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