Weisser Engineering & Surveying

Office of Fort Bend County Commissioner Andy Meyers

Client Testimonial

WES is a proven company that accomplishes the assigned tasks, no matter how difficult. I’ve always been impressed with how easy they are to work with and I especially love how dedicated they are to having a presence in the community. Being a family run company, I always walk away feeling like I’ve been treated as another member of the family, seriously. They work hard and they are dedicated to their jobs.

Anytime that we need something it gets done quickly and efficiently. We can call them for a job and know that we’ll get the desired result.
We ask a lot out of the companies that we do business with. WES has always answered our calls and always gives us an excellent product. They are always on top of things and I have never had to worry about a job when it’s assigned to WES.
Walt and his team are very dedicated; they give back to the community and they understand the needs
of their clients. Walt is a role model to the community and WES is an outstanding company to work
- Robert Pechukas, Fort Bend County, Texas, Precinct 3, Office of Commissioner Andy Meyers

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