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"Think The Weisser Way — Safety First"

Because of the many separate Industries for which WES provides services, all our safety programs must work in unison to safely perform with the highest level of quality across the board. Our emphasis on safety and wellbeing is what allows our team to return home to their families at night and start the following day effectively.

“The motive power of the safety-first movement is a realization of the fact that lives and limbs need not be sacrificed to any desired result…” Bureau of Safety of the Anaconda Copper Mining Co., March 1917

Weisser Engineering & Surveying Participating Safety Organizations

  • Avetta
  • BNSF Railway Contractor Safety
  • Brazosport Contractors Safety Council
  • DISA
  • First Advantage
  • Houston Area Safety Council
  • Industrial Safety Training Council
  • ISNetworld
  • National Safety Council
  • Safety Council Texas City
  • National Compliance Management Service, Inc.
  • PEC Safety Subscribing Contractor

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