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Position: General Position
Date Posted: October 21, 2022

Who We Are 

WES is celebrating 55+ Years of providing superior professional services for a diverse range of clientele. “It didn’t happen overnight. We’ve spent half a century perfecting our profession,” said Walt Sass, RPLS, President. Weisser Engineering & Surveying (WES) was established in 1967 by Frederick C. Weisser, PE, RPLS, to provide exceptional Civil Engineering & Land Surveying services throughout the South-Central Region of the United States. Our capabilities include all areas of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Mapping, Platting, Digital Scanning and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). WES is comprised of loyal Team Members, dedicated to delivering Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Drafting, Digital Scanning, Platting and Permitting services for the Energy, Public Infrastructure, Industrial and Private Development industries. WES embodies a team environment, where communication, knowledge, and initiative merge to produce quality services and products for our clientele.  

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General Position

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